Mark Teixeira has led the Yankees offense all year, pacing the Pinstripes with 31 homers and 79 RBIs. And up until recently, he had been remarkably durable this season, which has been his biggest failure in New York.

However, Tex has been out since Aug. 17, when he fouled a ball off his leg, and the reports are not coming back any better for the Yankees' slugger. The following quotes from the New York Post:

“His bone bruise hasn’t healed at all,’’ general manager Brian Cashman said. “There is no stress fracture and that was our biggest worry, but the bone bruise hasn’t healed. He has some soft-tissue inflammation and inflammation around the nerve so he received some sort of an injection to calm that down. Obviously, the bone bruise is the big issue and there has been no healing. They put him back on crutches and we are looking at weeks.’’

The baseball season has just a month left. How many "weeks" can this really go? The Yanks' need Tex if they want to catch Toronto so you have to hope he's back by the third week of the month or so.

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