Kevin Love is expected to miss the rest of the post-season after a “senseless” act by Kelly Olynyk in Game 4 of the first round, according to Cleveland GM David Griffin.

How much does this hurts the Cavaliers chances of bringing home a championship to Northeast Ohio?

“No one has the same amount of tools as Kevin Love,” said Andy Baskin, of 92.3 The Fan, out of Cleveland, with Armen and Levack on 104.5 The Team. “He’s a significant part of this team.”

On Baskin’s radio show this week, Griffin noted that Love has, “played his best three games as a Cav in the playoffs this year”, which is part of the reason why the timing is so disappointing.

“He’s been fitting into the offense,” added Baskin. “We figured out in the Boston series really how to get him involved and he was big in game three.

“They will miss him, I can’t down play that but the Cavaliers will play the next man up and they got plenty of guys on the bench that will hopefully fill in.”

Along with the Love injury, the Cavs will be without JR Smith for the first two games of the second round. Cleveland will face either Chicago or Milwaukee, who face a game 6 on Thursday night, with the Bulls up 3-2 in the series.