It is a sad time to be a Jets fans. I have been saying this most of my Jets loving life, and most likely will continue to say that very same thing. But is it not true?

My beloved J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS can't even hold a quarterback competition without screwing that up. I mean how can you possibly screw this up? Let the Jets show you how!

I was not in favor, or put it this way, didn't do handstands when the Jets drafted  Geno Smith from West Virginia. Hopefully I will be wrong. Then again I didn't want Mark Sanchez 4 years ago. Turns out I was right. Neither Sanchez nor Smith is the answer at that vital position in my view. However it is what the Jets have for this year, in a very winnable and weak AFC east. But this drawn out comedy must end and should end with Sanchez as the starter.

Now let me be clear. Sanchez, unless a miracle comes from the heavens, should be playing his final season with the Jets. but for this team, at this time, in this division, with this talent, should be the starter and gives the Jets the best chance to win. NOW!

That isn't saying much I realize but Sanchez has played decent in the preseason and frankly decent to pretty good is the best Sanchez offers.

Smith isn't ready for the bright lights, has been outplayed in camp, and has barely seen the field. Yet the Jets named him the starter for the most critical preseason game this Saturday vs the New York Giants. Why?

I know why. Because the GM, John Idzik, and the coach, Rex Ryan, aren't on the same page and it doesn't look to be getting any better. Ryan is a lame duck coach and that's too bad cause he is a good coach. Idzik is the unknown but none of his moves have looked so smart to me. I might, and hopefully will change my mind on him but so far not impressed. Someone better tell Idzik the NFL stands for " not for long" and rebuilding in a sport that turns over free agents like a mattress just doesn't cut it.

So many teams have gone from terrible to terrific and fast. See the Indianapolis Colts for the latest example. They won 1 game 2 years ago and then last year made the playoffs. That is the NFL. Long term building means short term employed.

Sanchez is the best QB the Jets have and it is make or break for him this year, regardless of where his future will be. Play well and maybe the Jets resign him or at worst another team comes calling. Don't play well and you might be riding the pine for Tampa Bay next year.

So the most " important" preseason game, that being the 3rd has Smith getting probably 3 quarters of the game. BAD MOVE!

This on top of having Sanchez play 3 quarters in game 2-BAD MOVE! No starting QB plays 3 quarters in the 2nd preseason game. Just dumb.

Now I hope Geno Smith plays great. I would love to feel good Monday morning, a rare feeling in Jet fandom land the past 2 years. I would love to see and say well we might have something here. I hope. But I doubt. Even his former college teammates said Geno wasn't a good leader. I wasn't there or in the huddle so we will see, but I don't think we have another Russell Wilson here in New York. I hope I am wrong

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