Starting opening day of the track which happens to be this Friday July 20th the Levack and Goz show will be live every Friday from the "At the Stretch Bar" at the Saratoga Racecourse. Like every season our guy Brian "The Closer" Mariano will join the show with picks and insight from the meet at Saratoga. This year we've added a new wrinkle to Closer's picks.

Last few years when Closer made his picks on the show I've always put money on them. My thought has always been if I'm telling you this guy knows his stuff I should put my money where my mouth is. So this year we've decided to all go head to head in the first ever "Levack and Goz Show Boot Bet" challenge. Closer, Goz and myself(Levack) will all start with a bank of $500 each. Whoever ends up with the most money will decide what kind of beer to fill the boot with for whoever has the least to drink live on the show.

Here are the rules:

Only Saratoga counts...NO HARNESS

Must Tweet out bets no less than five minutes in advance tagging each player and including #LGBootBet

If bank is lost player may reinvest but starts negative number of reinvestment.

Loser must drink Boot full of winners choosing. Any side bet welcome but must be accepted by all parties.

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