Someone had the bright idea to start this season long wager where the loser would have to drink a boot full of beer during the show if they were the worst Saratoga Racecourse Handicapper. Well the results are in and I, Jeff Levack will be throwing back AT LEAST one liter of Bud Light during the Bud Light Super Bowl Send Off at 151 in Schenectady Thursday 9/6/2018.

In case you don't remember here are the rules to the bet:

Only Saratoga counts...NO HARNESS

Must Tweet out bets no less than five minutes in advance tagging each player and including #LGBootBet

If bank is lost player may reinvest but starts negative number of reinvestment.

Loser must drink Boot full of winners choosing. Any side bet welcome but must be accepted by all parties.

So Goz won, Closer was second and I got destroyed! The one thing I will point out is if I'm going to "lose a bet" please let it be one where I get to drink ice cold bud Light. lol

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