Yes, star power is a great thing to have on a professional sports team.

They sell jerseys. They sell tickets. They sell advertising. Oh, yes, and they tend to perform better than most other players on the team, and if you pay them enough, than most other players in the league. This is a critical offseason for them, and they cannot afford to gamble on another superstar.

The Yankees Are Over-stocked with Superstar Players

The New York Yankees have one of the most star-studded rosters in all of Major League Baseball. Simply put, they should be loaded every single year.

At the top of the rotation, you find Gerrit Cole. The $300 million man was brought in to anchor an already-strong rotation, and has done just that. He rebounded remarkably from his sticky situation, and up until the final week of the season, was fantastic for the team down the stretch.

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Then, you look across the roster, and more stars emerge. The flamethrower Aroldis Chapman locking down games from the bullpen, the slugger Giancarlo Stanton mashing baseballs into the universe, and of course, the still-blossoming superstar, Aaron Judge.

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This is a dynamic core, and yet, the championships have not yet added up the way they were supposed to for this team. With Judge still needing a contract, and other areas on your roster needing to be addressed, may I suggest, a non-superstar?

Andrelton Simmons Should Be a New York Yankee

Simmons had a down year by his standards, which is exactly something the New York Yankees can capitalize on. He hit .223 this year with a below average Twins team, a performance that followed a .297 campaign the season before.

But what does he do, Billy Beane? That's correct. He gets on base.

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Not only that, but he will lock down a position that's been an enigma for the team for a few seasons. He is a four-time Gold Glove-winning shortstop, and is known to make plays with a similar bit of flare as a certain former captain.

Look, if the price ends up being right for Trevor Story, or Corey Seager, or god forbid, Carlos Correa, then the Yankees will probably go the flashy route.

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My argument, however, is that this era's "flash" hasn't gotten you anywhere yet. You need players making less money, but who still contribute in a meaningful way. A player like Andrelton Simmons will check both boxes, and will make it easy for New York fans to fall in love with him.

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