The NFL lockout is now in its 55th day and the reality of having no football this fall is starting to sink in.

What's even more alarming is how this lockout will affect us here in the Capital Region.

If the lockout continues for another 3 weeks, you can say goodbye to Giants Training Camp at UAlbany this summer.

Why?  Because the logistics of setting up for camp takes nearly 2 months and UAlbany (and the Giants) are running out of time.

My gut tells me this lockout will last until September at the earliest.  And quite frankly, there's no real hurry to get a deal done anytime soon.

In the big scheme of things, no one is really losing money - yet.

The owners already have their cash from last year’s TV deal and they’re still making money on licensing fees and merchandising.

While most of the players don’t get paid until the games start.  It’s almost like a vacation for them.


I don’t have a problem with DeAngelo Hall and Reggie Bush talking about how they enjoy the lockout because they can rest and relax.  I wouldn’t want to work without getting paid either.

Plus, both sides’ motivation level to get a deal done is low right now. I call it the "Christmas Shopping" theory.

Think about it – do you start Christmas shopping in June?  That's 6 months away from the season openers.  Well, that’s essentially what the NFL and the players were trying to do back in March.

No one was buying HDTV’s for Christmas in June.  The players and the owners don’t really feel the pressure until the games start.

Just like you don’t start feeling the need to buy your Christmas presents until the week of – or for some of you, the night before.

There will be football this year - it's just a matter of the two sides hammering out a deal.  And right now, time is on their side.

Now go out and start your Christmas shopping - you only have 7 months to get all of those presents!

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