Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose looks to return from a torn ACL in a big way this season.

I love Derrick Rose.  There, I said it.  I’ve mentioned many times on “The Noe Show” over the airwaves in Albany, NY, as well as the internet waves on that I love the Chicago Bulls.  I’m contractually obligated to love D-Rose too.  Even if there were no contractual obligation, I’d still love me some D-Rose.

Now that the man love is out of the way, on to the commercial; Adidas continues to promote the return of Derrick Rose very well.  This has been an awesome ad campaign.  The 2010-11 MVP tore his ACL against the Philadelphia 76ers in the first round of the NBA playoffs last season.  Rose has been rehabbing his injured knee ever since.

I’m very interested to see if Rose still has his same speed and explosiveness this season.  That’s such an enormous part of his all-around game.  The Bulls better hope he does.  The city of Chicago sure does.  I do too.

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