For the fifth straight seasons, the New York Giants are 0-2 to begin a season. The previous four seasons, the Giants have finished the year with double digit losses.

When I heard Chris Canty say this on KJM this morning, I almost drove off the road.

It's been a painful existence to be a fan of the New York Giants over the last five years, and realistically, most of the past decade. Through the Eli Manning era and the Daniel Jones era; the Tom Coughlin decline, the Ben McAdoo bottom-out, the Pat Shurmur irrelevance and the Joe Judge sputtering motor; it's all been a mess.

Now, two games into the current season, the wheels are very close to falling off of the wagon. Where do we go from here, Giants fans?

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So, allow me to pen my letter, my plea, if you will to the New York Giants. The apathy on defense, the mental mistakes across the board, even the in-fighting on the sidelines in a game that YOU STILL have a chance to win. All of this simply cannot stand, if you want to win a single game in 2021.

For once in our lifetimes, we can say that Daniel Jones did a solid job as the quarterback of this team. He led the offense with confidence as the minutes wound down, and showed more of the flashes of brilliance that have kept him at the helm of this offense during the last two seasons.

Saquon Barkley is getting there. Pat Leonard from the New York Daily News said it well when we chatted with him earlier on Friday. He said that it was evident during Week 1 that Barkley was simply beginning to trust his leg on the ground again. Week 2 showed a few fits and spurts of the old Barkley, and gave me hope for his future.

It was the defense, however, that really gave me fits. Coverage of receivers was porous, the defensive line wasn't giving Taylor Heinecke anything to think about, and the entire group looked out of sync at many moments. All of this stems from the leadership at the top. Dave Gettleman, Joe Judge and Jason Garrett need to start making strides with this group, and quick.

Thank you for indulging me in my rant. Go G-Men!

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