I don't think Joe Girardi is the sole reason the Yankees have lost their way and their grip on the AL East, but I do believe he is a big part of the reason. The latest example came Saturday afternoon when, on a seemingly innocent swing, Curtis Granderson gritted his teeth and Girardi ran to his training staff.

Next thing you know Granderson was out of the game, the latest Yankee to go down. It is interesting to note that it seems the only guy willing to tough out the schedule is Derek Jeter. I mean now Granderson has a little tweak and he missed Sunday's crucial loss to the Orioles. The lead, which on July 18th was 10.5 games is down to a scant 2 games over the Orioles.

Some brutal pitching didn't help.  Mark Reynolds is known as a fisherman; throw it any place and he will go fishing for the ball. That's why he set the all time record for strikeouts in a season and was not ashamed about it. This came while he was with the Diamondbacks. Reynolds hit four, yes four, home runs in this critical series.

But back to the "injuries." Girardi treats players like they are little China dolls, with his resting Alex Rodriguez on day two of the season  moving him to DH as the worst example. A player grimaces and Girardi is there with his doctors in hand.

I realize baseball isn't football but it isn't checkers either. Mark Teixeira gets a calf boo boo and he is out for what 2 weeks. It seems a constant all year with this Yankee team and Girardi is the enabler. As a manager you should make it tough for guys not to play, by benching them if their replacements do a good job. See how many less bumps and boo boo's these guys will suffer.

I realize most Yankee fans get defensive when you criticize the team, but this is absurd. Baseball isn't a  physical game, save for a few positions plus Girardi is very liberal with his players playing time, overly protecting players and resting players. Seems to me there is a soft culture around the club.

I am sure most Yankee fans of the Albany area will take me to task for this when I present it to them on Tuesday's show but at some point you have to toughen up the players, not play to their desire to miss games with the most innocent of  bumps and bruises. Not Girardi, though, he runs to his medical staff. I am not saying all Yankee injuries are a product of softness but this seems to be the culture that has been bred with this ball club.