The University of Albany Great Danes football team is 1 - 0 to start this six-game Spring 2021 season. Even though the thought of FCS college football in March is far from normal one thing hasn't changed, UAlbany likes to run the football with Senior Karl Mofor. Head Coach Greg Gattuso knows talent on the football field and has some high expectations for Mofor.

If you watch Mofor play you see a guy that runs downhill and hits like a truck. It's easy to see why any coach would be happy to a runningback like Karl Mofor but it's why Gattuso thinks Mofor could have a future playing on Sunday that is clearly an underrated part of the senior runningback's game. The man can catch!

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You want to pound the rock, you want a back that will wear down a defense and hit them harder than they are willing to be hit late in games? Well, Mofor is obviously all of that for the Great Danes but the reason Gattuso thinks he could be a Fullback in the NFL is his hands. Look at his stats, in 2019 Karl Mofor caught 32 passes for 319 yards and 2 touchdowns. I feel like we all get so carried away watching Mofor's hard-charging rushing style that we missed his hands. Mofor already has 2 catches for 15 yards and a touchdown in one game this season. I can promise you that I will be watching the man catch way closer now that Coach Gattuso let the cat out of the bag.

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