Although the sports world has been on a pause for close to three months, this sport at UAlbany has continued to find success. The UAlbany E-Sports team won $5,000 through the first SUNY system-wide tournament. The tournament involved each SUNY school  being able to send two teams of students to compete in "Fortnite" "Super Smash Bros Ultimate" by Nintendo, or "Rocket League" compete for the championship. UAlbany finished with the combined highest score and won the $5,000 for the winnings to go to UAlbany's student emergency fund during this COVID-19 pandemic. In a recent press release  SUNY Chancellor Kristina Johnson said the following

This esports tournament fosters an engaging and competitive virtual event for our campuses that also raises funding for #SUNYTogether, our philanthropic campaign that supports our students deeply impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.My thanks to Extreme Networks for co-sponsoring, as well as SUNY Canton – home of SUNY’s first varsity esports program – for graciously accepting my challenge to create and organize this competition.

This past Tuesday the Levack and Goz show were joined by UAlbany E-Sports Coach Michael Leczinsky. What's a SUNY e-sports tournament like? How can you sign up to be a part of the team? For that information and to hear the complete interview with Tom Goslowski and Charlie Voelker click on the audio link below.

Plus have you seen UAlbany's E-sports arena build last November? If not check out the link here

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