Before this college lacrosse season started, I kept hearing how this version of the UAlbany Great Danes was the most balanced team in Scott Marr's time wearing purple and gold. Others told me this was the best team Marr has ever had. All I could think was "how could that be? 2-time Teewaraton trophy winner Lyle Thompson played here and he might be the best player in college lacrosse history." And "Miles Thompson won a Teewaraton trophy sharing the same field as his brother Lyle." But, after watching UAlbany for a full season, there is no question, from top to bottom, this was the most balanced team in Marr's 17 seasons.

Does one game, albeit looking overmatched in the NCAA Tournament quarterfinals, change all that? In a word, no. And as I look back at that previous sentence, "overmatched" is the wrong word despite the 18-9 final score on Sunday. Only a month and a week separated UAlbany's 1-goal loss to Maryland and this surprising result. The teams aren't any different so maybe it is just like UAlbany's head coach said after the game, it just wasn't their day. The Terps are, after all, the top overall seed in the tournament and on Sunday, they sure played like it.

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