Whenever there is a video involving a baseball hitting the family jewels, you know you have to check it out.  There is even a slow-motion replay of ball vs. balls.

Do umpires not wear cups?  Seriously, I'm not sure if plate umpires universally use a cup to protect their man region or not.  Do most umps use them?  Do only some umps use them?  This video brings up a lot of questions.  As far as important questions go, protecting the family jewels ranks very highly on the importance scale.

For the women reading this, there aren't many things in life that are physically more painful for a man than getting hit, ahh, there.  A sudden jolt to the jewels induces an instant stomach ache straight from the depths of hell.  It's brutal.  I feel for this umpire.  It's bad enough that he got hit in the privates.  It's much worse that he got hit in the privates while essentially being on display for everybody.

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