At one point or another, everyone has seen their twin, their long-lost sibling, or their doppleganger. Either you've seen them yourself, or someone you know told you about them.

It's always cool when that happens to you, but when it turns out that your "twin" is a superstar playing professional baseball in New York, that's even more amazing.

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Meet Noah Richardson, the Internet's Doppelgänger for Aaron Judge

I was scrolling through Instagram earlier this week, when I happened upon a post from our guys over at Any Given Funday. They had re-posted a video from Bleacher Report's Instagram page, which can be found @brwalkoff.

The video showed a college baseball player from the Northern Kentucky baseball team, a left-handed pitcher by the name of Noah Richardson. The reason he was posted on Bleacher Report's account, was because in the video, he looked like a near identical twin to New York Yankees' superstar, Aaron Judge.

Don't believe me? See for yourself:

For those who haven't seen him up-close recently, here's a shot of Aaron Judge:

Toronto Blue Jays v New York Yankees
Getty Images

Now, let's have some real fun. Here's Judge as a rookie during Spring Training in 2016:

New York Yankees Photo Day
Getty Images

How crazy is that?!

Now, to be fair, Noah Richardson is far more than just a familiar face. He's a talented left-handed pitcher, who just completed his season with Northern Kentucky. The Windsor, Ontario native pitched in four games this season out of the bullpen, finishing with a record of 1-0 and a 3.52 ERA. According to his Instagram page, he's committed to attending Niagara University this coming fall.

Richardson was a great sport about his comparison, and even responded to Bleacher Report's post, saying this wasn't the only comparison he's received:

"I’ve also gotten the classic Jackson Mahomes comp and Richard Jefferson😭😭 appreciate the love."

I must say, that's not a terrible trio of comparisons to have in your back pocket.

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