For the second straight season I'll be posting my weekly college football rankings each week. My first ranking will be released on Monday August 28th and will continue on Mondays during the football season. Below is the first preseason rankings released by USA Today. How will their preseason rankings stack up against mine in less than two weeks? What are your thoughts on their rankings? Who could be this year's suprise team outside the top twenty five likely to make a run all the way to the college football playoff?

Let us know below.

1) Alabama

2) Ohio State

3) Florida State

4) USC

5) Clemson

6) Penn State

7) Washington

8) Oklahoma

9) Michigan

10) Wisconsin

11) Oklahoma State

12) LSU

13) Auburn

14) Stanford

15) Georgia

16) Florida

17) Louisville

18) Miami

19) Kansas State

20) West Virginia

21) South Florida

22) Virginia Tech

23) Texas

24) Tennesse

25) Utah

Tom “Goz” Goslowski is a Heisman Trophy and College Football Hall of Fame voter. You can hear him every weekday 2-7pm on Levack and Goz on 1045 The Team.



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