Not by me that's for sure! In a radio interview last week the USC senior claims had he entered the draft after his junior season he would have been drafted 2nd, behind Andrew Luck.

With all due respect to the fine QB of USC I bet if a poll were taken by college football fans he would lose-and easily to the Heisman Trophy winner.

In fact I think I will post a  poll on this real soon on our station facebook page. Regardless Barkley is a nice player. Rg3 has a chance to be real real special in my opinion. In fact if I were doing the drafting I would have taken RG3 ahead of Andrew Luck who was taken number 1 by the Indy Colts.

Barkley decided  not to enter the draft and he will remain at USC for his senior season. Good for him. I wonder if part of his thinking to stay in was because he thought at the time he would have been picked after Griffin the 3rd and Luck. I can't speak for him but he says that was not a reason he stayed at Southern Cal. Again good for him.

The Trojans  are ranked number 1 in many pre-season polls and will be able to participate in a bowl game this coming season after being whacked by the  NCAA for the last 2 years because of the Reggie Bush mess.

Several QB's  could compete with Barkley in the 2013 draft including Arkansas QB Tyler Wilson and Landry Jones of Oklahoma. Also would it surprise anyone if a Signal caller came from the back of the pack or unknown to make a strong case for high draft status. I do think Barkley can be special but I disagree that RG3 would have gone behind Barkley. What is your opinion? Would you have drafted


Barkley before RG3 this past year had he come out of the draft?

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