In less than two weeks, we can head to The Joe and enjoy a Tri-City Valley Cats game. Now with restrictions lifting and changing from week to week, there will be special sections at the games.

There is nothing like catching a Valley Cats game on a summer day or night. Finally, we are back to doing some normal things. Every season, except last year, we take our son to a few Valley Cats games. It's such a fun family thing to do for us. I love being able to go onto the field before the games and having a catch with Ryan. There are so many fun interactive games for the kids, and adults during the games too. Plus they are bringing the firework nights back too. We can't wait.

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Plus if you are vaccinated, the Valley Cats will have designated sections. There will be sections that will hold more fans that have received the vaccine. There will also be seating for those who are not vaccinated or feel more comfortable socially distant from other fans. As of now, those who are not vaccinated won't have to provide a negative test. But if you are vaccinated, you will have to show proof if you want to sit in those designated sections according to Spectrum News.

Tri-City Valley Cat personnel are optimistic that the beginning of the season will be different than as the season goes on. They are hopeful that protocols may be tweaked as more people get vaccinated and guidance from the state changes. This will help enhance the experience at the ballpark.

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