Many people enjoy the idea of a day dedicated to Love and some hate the "Hallmark Holiday" that is Valentine's Day. So in the interest of finding a happy medium for any couple that consists of both groups I put together a cheat sheet of ideas to make this Valentine's Day enjoyable for all. I have compiled some fun local activities and a list of movies that will hopefully marry the worlds of sports and romance and give all parties involved a night to remember.

Possibly a nice dinner together will make this work for you. Places like Bucca di Beppo, Olive Garden, 677 Prime(For those really showing off) and any number of local spots have specials for the big day. Just google their name and Valentine's Day but make sure you make reservations ASAP because they will surely be in high demand.

Perhaps you're more of a "Netflix and Chill" type. Here are a few movies that blur the lines between sports and romance and in my experience non sports fans still enjoy.

Jerry MaGuire - Tom Cruise will have you at hello.

Fever Pitch - This one hurts me a little because of all the Red Sox love but if you watch it backwards it has a happy ending.

61* - I put this on every list.

Without Limits -  Just a great movie.

The Cutting Edge - Don't judge me!

Maybe you're over love and just want to watch a terrible Knicks team and get free wings for shredding pics of your ex. Hooters is your place to be then.

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