VCU was one of the biggest stories of the NCAA Tournament before it started.  Now, they're the #1 story heading to Houston.

VCU head coach Shaka Smart did a tremendous job getting his team to believe that they are a Final Four caliber team.  After beating Kansas 71-61 on Sunday, that belief became a reality.

Although this run by VCU is incredibly impressive and surprising, it never should've happened.  VCU's regular season resume was terrible.  They were 12-6 in the Colonial, which was only good for 4th place.  They didn't win their conference tournament.  They also lost five of their final eight games.

The argument that VCU's impressive postseason run proves that they belong in the tournament is ridiculous.  Their regular-season credentials haven't changed whatsoever.

With that being said, I believe VCU has made a run that's even more impressive than George Mason.  They've won five games to make it to the Final Four.  The Rams had to play an extra game than George Mason because the field was expanded to 68 teams this year. 

If you compare the caliber of teams that both VCU and George Mason beat on their way to the Final Four, I'd still give the advantage to VCU.

VCU: USC, Georgetown, Purdue, Florida St, Kansas
George Mason: Michigan St, North Carolina, Wichita St, UCONN

Now, Shaka Smart has to get his team to believe that they can beat Butler on Saturday and challenge for a National Championship on Monday.