Events after the final 4 game between Kentucky and Louisville have me wondering. Would


morons, thugs and idiots cause such a disruption that police would need to come in and turn on the pepper spray to disperse fools that decide, in the name of winning a game, to torch cars, cause harm, burn furniture and make idiots of themselves?

I honestly don't know the answer to this question. I wonder if UAlbany pulled some big upset, would we have miscreants take the party and fun too far? I don't know. It's not like we don't have goofballs in the Capital Region. Heck, we have seen uprisings at demostrations like Occupy Albany (which got a little rough and needed police intervention) so I can't say 100% it wouldn't take place. You always like to think you live in a safer area, a calmer area, an area that puts things in perspective- but I would be the fool if I said it couldn't happen in the Capital Region.

Meanwhile back in Kentucky, idiots got loose and made a spectacle of themselves. Sadly, this happens in cities where teams win games, and sometimes even when they don't- see Vancouver and the NHL finals last year, between the Canucks and Bruins.

Was it a historic win for Kentucky? Sure. Beating your arch-rival is huge for the Cats. Taking down in-state rival Louisville is big in the Blue Grass state. A great win for this very young team trying to win a national title. But getting into trouble by creating a violent atmosphere and mixing it up with cops- how does that say "great win"? Burning others' property? How does that say "celebration"?

It should be noted that this celebration was minor compared to some. No arrests recorded. No injuries reported. But why destroy property of others when your team wins a game? It makes no sense to me at all.

Could it- WOULD it happen in the Capital Region? That's a question that someday might unfold. I would hope people would be more civilized than to go on the warpath over a game.

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