Vic Dibitetto does another rank from the Yankee Clubhouse (a Yankee room in his house LOL).

Vic calls the Yankees Bipolar and I can't disagree. They need to sell sell sell and send Alex Rodriguez home. Find some decent younger players and hope for a better season next year. Ye,s I think the Yankees are done.

We are almost at the all-star break and it really is looking hopeless.
They announced the starting lineup for the AL all-star team and guess what? Not one Yankee name. Oh…last year, not one Yankee starter!

Time to really shake up the Yankees because this is very un-Yankees behavior. Carlos Beltran and Andrew Miller should bring in some players as part of the rebuild and yes send Alex home. I know he had a good year last year but almost half way through he's batting 220! Yes, 220, I think we might have some players in the farm system that could bat say 230. Hey it's better than Alex and you can start looking to the future.