In this video from the Yankee Clubhouse, comic Vic Dibitetto goes off on the Yankees and yesterday's rain delay game.

Vic posts rants like this every week about the Yankees and like any
longtime Yankee fan, he HATES what's happening.

Yesterday's game was a farce that the umps should have called to have a three-and-a-half-hour rain delay is INSANE. They should have called the game in the 9. They could have—why didn't they. Somebody f'd up big time.

The conditions on the field were so bad, someone could have been badly hurt. They really need to have some better guidelines as to when a game needs to be called. What the hell were the umps thinking? They could have easily resumed the 9th inning before today's game. It would have been the umps' fault if a player had a major injury in these horrible conditions.