With the NCAA bracket coming out last night there is always the debate of teams that belong or don't belong in the tournament.  This year there wasn't as much controversy as year's past, but a few teams have a reason to be angry.  Murray state and Colorado State are the first to teams that we immediately think of when we think of who got snubbed this year.

Murray State had a great season that ended suddenly in their conference tournament on a last second shot.  But what bugs Vitale about this team being snubbed is that their resume proved they deserved to be in.

"We hear the critics scream 'well who did they play,' they played Division I teams," Vitale said, "They had two opportunities, they were injured at the time, they lost to Valparaiso and Xavier, got blasted in those games, but big deal.  I can take every team out there, everybody's schedule, and I can find a couple of bad games that they've had."

Vitale went on to blame big conferences as the downfall to smaller schools like Murray State being excluded from the tournament.  Larger schools from bigger conferences have been known to get the nod on Selection Sunday mainly due to the opponents that they play being stronger.  For teams like Murray State who play in a small mid-major conference, they simply cant compete.

"I really think what makes the tournament is having the "David's", having the Murray State," Vitale said, " Think about it, three month's without losing a game, without losing a game!  And then all of a sudden you get beat in your tournament at the buzzer at the end, and now you're home?  Give me a break!  That makes no logic and no sense whatsoever!"