Capital Region sports fans are celebrating Christmas Day this week. For some, there is nothing better than getting a sports themed Christmas Day gift. Below are some of the best Christmas Day gifts I have ever received

Christmas Day 2003


My guy Carmelo Anthony. The throwback first edition Carmelo Anthony Denver Nuggets jersey. Fifteen years later I have one version of every Carmelo Anthony jersey (except the USA basketball jersey)

Christmas Day 2005 

I'm sure sometimes you may have an idea of what Christmas gifts you may be receiving that year. This was I was completely shocked by. The above throwback Barry Sanders jersey was at the Champs' Sports store for months. I was always thought it was the coolest jersey (Shocking it is the color orange haha). Sure enough, there it was on Christmas morning

Christmas Day 2018

Jonathan Bachman
Jonathan Bachman

This will be my third time seeing Syracuse football play in a bowl game. Although I have moved to the Capital Region, I'm thrilled to see the Orange play in Orlando later this month.

What are some of the best sports Christmas gifts you have ever received? Let us know below.

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