Last week we took the Levack and Goz show to the New York Jets' training camp facility in Florham Park New Jersey. It was a great day with lots of fun and we were able to sit down with multiple Jets palyers. One of which was former Baltimore Raven current Jets defensive end Bronson Kaufusi. Kaufusi is about 6'7 275 pounds and luckily a really nice guy.

While I was researching Kaufusi for the interview I didn't see a lot bout special teams. So when Goz asked him about using special teams for playtime and solidify his role on the team I was scared Goz would offend him.There are a lot of players that don't love special teams. Kufusi is not one of them.He even struggled to pick his favorite between a QB sack and blowing up a returner on special teams. Listen below and see if you can hear me get nervous.

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