The Rivers Casino and Resort has done what I feared would never happen, they've opened a legit Las Vegas-style Sports Book and Lounge right here in the Capital Region. If you listened to the show we did live from Rivers on opening day you heard a lot about how it happened and what to expect but if you missed it here's the information straight for General Manager Justin Moore and Sports Book Manager "Harbor Side" Hal Wafer.

The first thing that jumped out to me about the GM Justin Moore (beside's he's 6'8) was his Vegas experience. You can hear the pride and drive that brought him here to Rivers and help achieve being first to open a Sports Book in New York.


After Moore, Hal Wafer joined us and this is big because again here's a guy with tons of Sports Book experience. Wafer grew up in Central New York then followed his love of gaming all over this and a few other countries. Now "Your Pal" Hal is here and has helped set up a great sports betting experience.

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