Today at New York Jets' Training Camp it was clear that the team is united. The coaches have fostered an environment of healthy competition and it's paying off. Running Back Eli McGuire is going into his third season with the Jets and it's easy to hear he likes the way things are going at this camp. So will I be able to annoy him by asking questions about his teammate Le'Veon Bell?

If everywhere you went someone asked you about one of your coworkers it would make perfect sense if you got annoyed.Almost the second McGuire sat down I hit him with a Le'Veon Bell question. Listen below to hear Eli laugh it off and handle it really well. While we were taking the picture McGuire confided that whenever he's in a large group of people he tells them all to go ahead and ask about Bell to get it over with. I would not handle it nearly as well as he does.

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