Say this for Dwight Howard: he is consistent.

He fails and he blames everyone and anyone but himself. Anyone could see this coming. Howard's latest failure isn't blamed on himself but rather, you guessed it, Mike D'Antoni, the current head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers.

It was nice this Quiet Dwight front. That ended on Monday with Howard pulling the usual Howard maneuvers. Talking about which team he might like to play for and who is to blame for his career woes.

Now it is the Houston Rockets and Dallas Mavericks who have caught Howard's eye. And throw in the Atlanta Hawks as well. Why not include the Albany Patroons? Oh wait, they aren't in business anymore. If they were Howard would probably include them.

Whiney Howard is crying how D'Antoni didn't include him in key meetings and team strategy, rather leaning on Steve Nash and Kobe Bryant. Gee, I wonder why? Howard also had the usual complaints about his "support" guys, assistant coaches who are no longer with the Lakers, like Chuck Person who was described as his "support staff."

Really, Dwight? You are how old? Besides, if you failed again you would probably blame them as well. Howard claims he wasn't utilized correctly by D'Antoni. Waaaaaah.

Howard had his season ending meetings with the Lakers staff. That included D'Antoni and GM Mitch Kupchak. After their meeting together Howard stayed longer to cry to Kupchak alone where it is reported that he whined how D'Antoni used him. Waaaaah.

Of course this is the same guy who cried about Stan Van Gundy when they were in Orlando only to have the audacity later to claim he would love to play for Van Gundy again. Waaaaah.

Another Laker assistant is Steve Clifford who was an assistant in Orlando and is now a top coaching candidate, especially in Milwaukee. That's right add, Milwaukee to the list of teams Howard might want to play for if Clifford lands that job. Of course when it goes south, Howard would blame Clifford.

That's who and what Howard has become. It goes well for Dwight Howard and he gets the credit. He fails and he gets no blame. For their part the Lakers say D'Antoni will be back. I wouldn't take that to any bank either. The Lakers have become a mess. A mish mash of parts that can't play together and is now, at least for now, a coaching graveyard. I wouldn't touch Howard with the proverbial 10 foot or 30 foot pole. His talents aren't worth the hassle or crying. He sulks, pouts and whines. Shame really. The nice smile, cool demeanor are gone. Now he has become the human blame machine and no one is safe.

If I am the Lakers, I hope Dwight gets an offer he can't refuse and leaves. In the meantime, if you are the Rockets, Mavs, Bucks, Hawks, Patroons or anyone contemplating signing Howard, beware. It is never Howard's fault. EVER! I would rather coach 12 less talented players who give me hustle and care over one Dwight Howard. His talent is not debatable. His attitude is deplorable!

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