Buster Olney is hot over the pitch from Miami Marlins pitcher Jose Urena that injured Atlanta Braves Rookie phenom Ronald Acuna Jr. His take is severe and condemning. Buster believes this could change toe rules of baseball.

Buster thinks this could be the equivalent of Scott cousins running Buster Posey over at home plate or Chase Utley spiking Rubin Tejada while sliding into second base. If Buster is right this will start with a hefty suspension of Urena and then new legislation with heavy punishments for any Pitcher that clearly throws at a batter. This will be a little tough because you can't always tell a man's intentions in the middle of a game. So will MLB decide to review all "Hit by Pitch" situations and punish them retroactively?

Buster also feels former Met Daniel Murphy might be the missing piece to put the Yankees over the top. Listen to Buster Olney above to hear why.

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