The Denver Nuggets' home crowd chanted "Who Needs Melo" in the first game of the post-Carmelo Anthony era.  They should have been chanting this instead.

The Denver crowd should have been chanting, "We Are Bitter!"  Who needs Melo?  Uh, YOU DO DENVER!  Are ya kidding?  Yes, the Nuggets were able to beat the Boston Celtics 89-75 last night.  Great.  I guess that proves that the Nuggets are contenders even without a top-10 player like Carmelo.

Not so much.  The Celtics made a baffling move by trading defensive stud Kendrick Perkins the same day.  Boston had eight players on the active roster on Thursday night.  That doesn't exactly mean the Nuggets beat the '96 Bulls yesterday.

I understand that fans will be fans.  They will be emotional to a fault.  Chanting "Who Needs Melo" is the perfect example of this.  It's basically the grown-up version of taking your ball and going home.  Good job Denver.  It's nice to know you're beyond acting childish.