The rivalry between the New York Yankees and Tampa Bay Rays hit a new high or possibly low depending on your viewpoint last night. The benches cleared as the game ended and we were dangerously close to seeing a brawl breakout. It's impossible to defend Yankees' closer Aroldis Chapman throwing a 100 mph fastball at Rays' Micheal Brosseua's head but is this all on the Yankees? We ask ESPN MLB Insider Buster Olney what exactly happened and who's to blame?

Buster Olney makes a pretty great comparison to young lions attempting to take over for the old lions and the old lion fighting back. In this case, the Tampa Bay Rays are the young lions while the Yankees are the old lions. Aside from maybe pointing out that the Yankees aren't old, it's a sound analogy. Hence why there could be more violence tonight.

Since speaking to Buster the suspensions came down. Aroldis Chapman got three games and a fine which he's appealing (meaning he's available tonight), Brian Cashman got one game and a fine, which he says isn't right but he's taking, and Kevin Cash got a game and fine which he called "Fair and warranted."

Listen to the full Buster Olney interview below.

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