I have been noticing this  trend lately and I am not liking it. Being the home of Yankee baseball (1045 The Team-ESPN Radio) there are obviously tons of Yankee fans and that's cool. I am a Met fan so getting laughed at or razzed comes with the territory. I enjoy the sparring and insults. But what I have noticed be it a discussion on the ball park, steroid use or a few other subjects it seems to me that Upstate Yankee fans are more angry and hostile and "offended" when some criticism comes their way then let's say New York City Yankee fans or Long Island Yankee fans.

I find this interesting and don't have a reason. Well perhaps 1 reason is hosts and such have been kissing the ass of Yankee fans in the capital Region forever. Not sure if that is the reason but it seems to make sense. It goes against all things New York to be so sensitive especially about sports and such.

Having many friends and even family on the Island or in the City who root for the Yanks I am used to good natured debates and ribbing with them when it came to Met-Yankee fights. But what I have noticed and you can read the facebook comments is if you take a shot at the Yanks up here Yankee fans get all in a huff and pout and whine. Not all mind you just many and more then you find down state.

2 recent examples: the Stadium issue. I will say it again-Yankee stadium for all it's glory and beauty is a joke. It played out again on Wednesday when 9-yes 9 Homeruns were hit as the Braves beat the Yanks 10-5. I made this observation a few weeks ago and man the anger from some was funny. You would have thought I stole their kids lunch money. It was personal for many. This is amazing to me. Getting so angry over a simple and frankly factual observation. Hey if anger is your thing over a simple sports observation then go for it.

the 2nd is this steroids nonsense, mainly surrounding the fraud that is Roger Clemens. I think the Yankee fans don't like getting called out because let's be honest the Yanks have had more steroid cheats then any club in baseball. Oh the anger. The venom..laughable.. Personal e-mails hoping I get fired. LOL...What's wrong Yankee fan the truth hurts. The same Yankee fans, and I only have a small sampling, this certainly doesn't apply to all Yankee fans, love to hammer their top rival the Red Sox for the roiders they have employed especially Manny Ramirez and  David Ortiz. This is called hypocrisy.

As a Met fan I can tell you if I owned the club and some roid cheat played on my team and was caught jabbing needles into their buttocks with steroids they would be off my team in a NY minute. No matter who. Good or bad. I would fight the fight in the courts to not pay the player and I am convinced based on the morals clause and perhaps some other way I would win. You would have thought though that I cursed the mothers of some of these Yankee fans. Laughable.

I am glad I am at the stage in life where none of this is soooo important that I take it personally. Be it ragging on the Jets, Mets or Rangers I  enjoy the battle and the trash talk. Take it personal? No chance!