Mets general manager Sandy Alderson caught plenty of people by surprise when he said that he expects Tim Tebow to play in the major leagues. Never before had Alderson put such expectations on the former Heisman Trophy winner.

There was no timeline stated or that a call up to the Bigs would would even come while with the Mets, but Alderson did call those expectations "modest." I love the idea of Tebow in the majors and all the fanfare that would come with it. His haters will re-emerge with vitriol but the interest and fascination will be good for baseball.

People in every walk of life are hired for jobs they may not 'deserve', but ultimately those people always have to prove they belong. Whether or not you think Tebow has earned the opportunity to play in the big leagues, I hope he gets it and then we'll see if he can prove worthy of a roster spot.

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