I think I speak for everyone not named Patrick Mahomes when I say 2020 has been a terrible year. So why in the world would you want to experience anything that reminds you of this crap-tastic year? My only answer personally would be curiosity. I'm extremely curious to smell what a candle that smells like 2020 smells like. If you're curious as well you're in luck! An English candle company named "Flaming Crap" has made just such a candle called "The 2020 Scent".

So here's the question, what does "2020 Scent" smell like? well according to "Flaming Crap" it's a layered candle with the following scents:

1. Banana bread.

2. Hand sanitizer.

3. Wood, for the DIY project and home improvement phase of quarantine.

4. "budget aftershave and earthy essence," which is supposed to make you think of "Tiger King".

After learning about "The 2020 Scent" candle in the New York Post this morning I had to ask myself if I would buy such a candle? The answer is yes! I think I just found the holiday gift I plan on giving out this year! I also think having a candle that once you light it forces you to remember what we went through and what we've overcome this year could be a great motivator and perfect way to remember "It could always be worse." Get yours today HERE lol.

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