What is the market looking like in the 2020 MLB Free Agency period? It seems like it could take a while for some players to sign but according to ESPN Baseball insider Kiley McDaniel, this could be the most competitive free agency period ever! Find out why by listening above!

RODGER'S QUICK TAKE: Jets General Manager Joe Douglas said all the right things when talking about the future of the team on Monday, but he couldn’t predict if Sam Darnold would be the starting quarterback or Adam Gase would be the head coach in 2021. If the Jets won’t win a game this season and finish 0-16, and that’s look entirely possible, there is no way Darnold is the quarterback. The Jets will gladly draft Trevor Lawrence from Clemson and move on from Darnold. Douglas also said he wanted keep Gase, but that’s not his decision. Jets CEO Christopher Johnson can’t possible sign off on that.

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