Earlier this week, the XFL announced the names of the eight new franchises entering the league.

DC Defenders,

Dallas Renegades,

Houston Roughnecks,

Los Angeles Wildcats,

New York Guardians,

St. Louis BattleHawks,

Seattle Dragons

Some may have noticed that some news outlets are no longer using the phrase logo reveal. Instead it has changed to this,

I'll stick by my opinion that the XFL won't kickoff in 2020. If you listen to Levack and Goz I've gone over my thoughts on their business model, the location selection and more. You can always follow me on Twitter @TomGozz to hear more of my XFL opinions.

What do you make of the XFL logos? Will you be a fan of the New York Guardians? Plus do you agree with my take that the Goz

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