Alex Cora

Should the New York Mets Consider Carlos Beltran for Manager?
Boston Red Sox fans know the value of their once banished manager, Alex Cora, to the success of their franchise. Cora admitted his guilt in the Houston Astros cheating scandal, served his suspension and moved on. Friday, the once villain of Major League Baseball, led his team against his former team that was accused of cheating in the American League Championship Series. You almost couldn't have made it up.
Red Sox And Manager Alex Cora Part Ways
The handwriting was on the wall, a long suspension is coming for now former Red Sox manager Alex Cora. Just one day after the Houston Astros fired GM Jeff Luhnow and manager AJ Hinch following each getting a year's suspension, Alex Cora is no longer the manager of the Red Sox.
Boras To Blame
The innings limit debate of Matt Harvey has been going strong for nearly a week now and Alex Cora, analyst of ESPN's Baseball Tonight, feels like the Mets are not to blame.