Earlier today we wrote about Mark Teixeira possibly being out for the rest of the season for the Yankees, so where would the Yankees go from here?

The Yanks could stick with rookie Greg Bird, or they could go with Alex Rodriguez... But....

The following quotes come from the New York Post:

“I think you have to really talk about it now,” Girardi said. “Because I think our hope was that, when we left on that road trip [last week], you would have Tex back by the time we got home [Friday], or even on the road trip. But now, I think you have to think about it because you’re going to see left-handers. There’s left-handers in our division. There’s a lot of division opponents in the last 32 games or whatever we have left. I think you have to start debating the idea.”

But as Olney points out, Cashman is not on board with that:

“I don’t think he can play first base,” he said.

The Yankees can also move Chase Headley over to first, or can use Brendan Ryan, Austin Romine or Dustin Ackley.