The Yankees currently have 29 road wins this season, tying them with the Oakland Athletics for most in the American League. However, they only have 28 more games left on the road, leaving them with 36 games to play in Yankee Stadium. On past Yankee teams this would be a dream come true for many players playing the second half of the season battling for a pennant in the Bronx. Unfortunately it may be more of a nightmare for this 2014 squad.

Since the start of the 21st century the Yankees have yet to make the playoffs when winning less than 50 home games. In fact, they have not made the playoffs when winning less than 50 home games since moving into the new Yankee Stadium.

Entering today, the Yankees have won 21 games at Yankee Stadium. In order to reach that magic number of 50 home victories, the Yanks must win 29 of those 36 games. To put that into perspective, only 4 teams in the Major Leagues won a total of 29 home games during the first half of the season.