The New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox trading is something that just doesn't happen. I thought when we got past 2020 things were supposed to start making sense?! To call the Yanks and the Sox rivals is like calling the Hatfields and McCoy's disgruntled neighbors. This is like Fucillo saying that Mohawk is HUGE or seeing a member of the Golub family that owns Price Chopper shopping at Hannaford. So what must the Yankees think of relief pitcher Adam Ottavino since they're almost giving him to Boston?

New York Yankees v Toronto Blue Jays
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Trading Ottavino to the Red Sox frees up about $8 million for the Yankees.

The Yankees bullpen loses yet another arm in this deal but Ottavino wasn't close to what the Yankees hoped he would be. Funny how the guy that once said he could strike out Babe Ruth is involved in a reversal of the Ruth trade. The Babe was sent to the Yankees from the Red Sox for about $100K and now Ottavino is being flipped to the Sox so the Yankees can save $8 million. Let's hope the results are very different.

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