If you missed this weekend's 'Capital Region Sports Saturday,' have no fear, we have our usual podcast here!

As always, topic times are approximations:

0:00-0:12 - I tell you about how parents and fans need to act better in the stands at games. A girls hoop game was stopped with 42 seconds left in the game due to unruly fans. Then, former Columbia hoop star Jahlil Nails joins me and I tell you some of the top performers from around the Section II hoop scene.

0:12-0:25 - I tell you why you shouldn't be worried about UAlbany suffering its first loss on the men's side in America East play. I then give you an update on RPI and Union hockey and I talk about Maple Hill grad Jaime Schultz getting an invite to Rays major league spring training.

0:25-0:39 - KC Chiefs TE and former UAlbany star Brian Parker joins us to talk about the Chiefs-Pats game. I then give my NFL playoff predictions (3-1 for those scoring at home).

0:40-END - I tell you how Siena continues to play well despite not having Marquis Wright and UAlbany women's basketball star Shereesha Richards joins me.

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