The New York Yankees are back and so is the "Latham Beef Jerky Outlet $2,000 No-Hitter Contest." Thanks to our good friends at the Latham Beef Jerky Outlet we have your chance to win $2,000 if a Yankee pitcher throws a complete game no hitter.

Here's how you win. Enter HERE then listen to Levack and Goz's Yankees pregame show. If we call your name and that night's Yankees' starting pitcher throws a complete game no-hitter then you win $2,000. How easy is that? Guys like James Paxton, Luis Severino and Masahiro Tanaka do all the work and you get to cash in. The "hardest" part is entering then sitting back and waiting for us to call your name. Once that happens your work here is done and that night's starting pitcher for the Yankees takes over. Enter HERE right now to give yourself the most possible opportunities to win that $2,000.

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