Let's first acknowledge the unbelievable 62-point performance by Carmelo Anthony on Friday night. It's the most anyone wearing a Knicks jersey has ever produced and the 7x NBA All-Star reminded us that he's one of the best shooters that this game has ever seen.

"I'm getting tired of losing and I gotta do what I gotta do at this point," Anthony said at halftime.

The Charlotte Bobcats (8-14 on the road) were playing very poorly on Friday and it's misleading to believe that the only way the Knicks win is if 'Melo throws down 62 (Knicks won by 19).

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":I came in with a focus on winning the basketball game," Anthony said post-game. "That was my only focus tonight.

"I wanted to start from the beginning and let my teammates know that I don't like accepting losing and I'll do whatever I can to make sure we don't."

Anthony's teammates said he was "more serious than normal" before the game and 'Melo himself mentioned how focused he was.

If it was this simple, then wouldn't 'Melo just be "more serious" and "more focused" on a nightly basis and then the Knicks would continue to win.

It's not that simple.

Anthony finished the game on Friday night after taking 35 shots and finished with 0 assists.

It worked against the Bobcats but it's proven to not work against almost any other team in the NBA.

When Anthony has four or more assists, the Knicks win 85% of the time. When he has three or less assists? They win 17% of the time.

This performance by Anthony is the best by a Knick all-time, it's not normal but 'Melo doesn't think that way.

We know Anthony's demeanor at this point. He's going to point to this game and say, "Look what happens when you let me shoot."

But it doesn't work that way.

"Just to see everybody smiling again," said Anthony, "That's what I was more excited to see - guys on the bench smiling and high fiving. That's the only thing I cared about."

Smiles happen when the Knicks win. The Knicks win when Anthony passes the ball - the proof is in the pudding.

If he cares about everyone smiling and being happy this season, he'll celebrate this individual accomplishment, and then? Pass the ball.