The Capital Region is about to get even more convenient, 7-Eleven is coming to town. The Japanese parent company that owns 7-Eleven has finalized a deal worth $21 billion to acquire 3,900 Speedway locations including approximately 15 here in the Capital Region.

According to the Times Union

Among the first local locations to get the 7-Eleven branding treatment was the Sunoco gas station at 1465 Washington Ave. On Wednesday it was sporting a 7-Eleven sign above its entrance. The store is across the street from the University at Albany and tucked in close to new off-campus apartments.

A quick search of Speedway locations around the Capital Region shows locations pretty much scattered all over the area. Which would make getting your Slurpee fix pretty easy once they switch over to 7-Eleven. I've had my share of Icee's whether I had to grab them from other convenient marts or even Target, but I can't honestly say I've ever had a Slurpee. Let the debate over which frozen drink reigns supreme between the Icee and the Slurpee officially begin in the Capital Region! I've been told that Icees and Slurpees are actually the same things just in different cups BUT I will be the just of that for myself now.

This means that 7-Eleven will join Cumberland Farms and Stewarts Shops as our choices for convenience and gas here in the 518. I'm a huge fan of shopping local which with all things equal leads me to the Saratoga-based Stewarts Shops but let's be honest the word "convenience" is key here. So if the 7-Eleven stores have the selection I've heard they do and are in great locations they could actually rival the other two groups.

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