Well seems James Dolan who runs MSG, the Knicks and Rangers and I have something in common. Puzzles. Dolan runs his basketball team like a puzzle but the pieces never seem to fit. He used to run the hockey team this way. many fear he will again.

The Knicks always have many pieces but they don't ever seem to fit together very well. The latest has the Knicks resigning coach Mike Woodson to a new deal. Bad fit and bad move in my opinion!

Nothing against Woodson who has done a nice job since his star Carmelo Anthony quit on Mike D'Antoni and thus was the impetus for their 7th seed finish and a soon to be ouster at the hands of the Miami Heat. If Melo hadn't rolled over the Knicks would have finished 6th and taken on Indiana and not Miami. Perhaps they don't be the talented Pacers but better chance at that then taking down Lebron and the Heat.

Woodson is a fine defensive coach. Doesn't hurt to have the defensive player of the year in Tyson Chandler. However Woodson's offense leaves much to be desired and this Knick ballclub, with little room if any for roster renovation is an offensive roster.

Carmelo Anthony, Amare Stoudemire, Jeremy Linn, Steve Novak,  and most of the pieces are offensive players built for D'Antoni's system not Woodsons. Woodson's team in Atlanta averaged 2oth in scoring in his years leading that club. Like this Knick team, his Hawk teams looked like they were playing in quicksand and went into droughts for long stages, especially in bigger games and against good shut down teams.

Personally I am ok with a defensive team and coach but again this Knick team is an offensive roster. The worst part is they don't have much room to make changes to the club going forward. they are capped out. No one is taking Amare with 3 years of an un-insured contract left and 60 million to pay out. Anthony is going nowhere cause wacky Dolan loves him. Linn will be brought back cause it's more then hoops with him. he has tapped into a huge market of fans who spend money.

Woodson's isolation based system is dull at times, many times. Standing around while Melo dribbles the ball at the wing and hoists up shot after shot. Yawn...But the real thing is it doesn't win championships. If JR Smith is brought back his  defense won't be confused with Bruce Bowen anytime soon.

I say why not make a full court push at the greatest coach of all time- Phil Jackson..is it that he isn't anyone's puppet Dolan? Dolan loves his hoop puppets. Why do you think Donnie Walsh left. He is no one's puppet.

Dolan is no more then a child who gets  all tingly when the latest toy is available on the market yet wants a defensive coach to manage his toys? makes no sense to me with all due respect to Woodson. Dolan still drools at the thought of Isiah Thomas running the club. yeah enough said.

So Woodson will get a new contract to run the club as reported by the NY Daily News. Negotiations have opened. Who in their right Knick mind wouldn't make a full push for Jackson-Dolan that's who. Makes no sense.