Alex Rodriguez secured his 3,000th his on Friday night on the first pitch. And after the game, he proved that he's on a roll, both on and off the field. 

"I'm just so overwhelmed, so grateful and so appreciative to so many people, starting with Major League Baseball, the Yankees and the Steinbrenner family, and especially the fans of New York," A-Rod said on the YES Network in his post-game interview.

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"It's a magical number, 3,000. I've been watching baseball ... ever since I was five years old. I'm very happy to be in the club.

"I'm especially happy that my two beautiful daughters were behind home plate and here to share that magical moment with me."

When asked how great it was to have his daughters there, fighting back the tears, A-Rod said, "It was pretty cool."

"It's exciting," said Yankees manger Joe Girardi, after the game. "We're very excited for him and we're very happy for him. With the guys, you can see it, there's emotion and they're pulling for him."

A-Rod had said that he only slept 45 minutes the night before as he was ready to get his 3,000th hit done with.

"I'm sure it's a pleasure for him to get it out of the way," said Girardi. "I'm sure he's been thinking about the last few days about coming home and wanting to do it here. If he was thinking about it, I hope he's thinking about it tomorrow, then next day and the next, because he's swinging pretty good. "

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