AJ Burnett is set for orbital fracture surgery on Friday after fouling a bunt off of his face.

AJ Burnett fractured his right orbital bone during spring training on Wednesday.  The right-hander was attempting to bunt a ball when he was struck in the face.  There is no timetable for the 35-year-old pitcher's return.

By the way, I think the reaction of the entire team is hilarious.  None of his teammates move at all.  Nobody budges.  Everybody just groans while standing stationary.  This is a total guy reaction.  The stationary groans basically equate to Burnett's teammates thinking, "Aw, man.  That looked like it hurt.  Somebody else should go check on him."  A trainer then walks slowly to check on Burnett's status.  No rush.  It's just a broken orbital bone.  No big deal, he'll live.  You have to love the caveman tendencies of guys.

Here's Peirce Brix's take on the embarrassing situation.

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