Let me ask you this. What's going through YOUR mind if a 94 mile-per-hour fastball is heading at your face?

Me personally, I'm probably wondering where my second pair of baseball pants are.

In a gruesome scene in Atlanta last night, Mets' outfielder Kevin Pillar was struck in the face by a fastball by Braves' pitcher, Jacob Webb. Pillar was knocked to the ground, and began to bleed rather profusely from the nose. He was guided off the field by training staff, and taken to a hospital for testing and a CT scan. We now have an update on the condition of the Mets' outfielder.

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The first line from ESPN News Services really does say it all:

New York Mets outfielder Kevin Pillar suffered multiple nasal fractures when he was hit in the face by a fastball from Braves reliever Jacob Webb, a frightening scene that shook both teams. -ESPN


It's still yet to be announced if this is the extent of the injuries, and we haven't seen any pictures or videos of Pillar to this point. We do know, thankfully, that he does seem to be in good spirits about it.



I honestly don't know if I am capable of that kind of humor and levity after an experience like that. It's truly remarkable that Pillar was able to gather himself enough to even have a conversation, let alone send a tweet. This was a fantastic move by him, though, as he put a number of concerned minds at ease simply by sending this message out.

One of those minds is likely the pitcher who uncorked the errant fastball, Jacob Webb, who was thankful to hear that he was alright. So were we, Jacob. So were we.

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