Podcast: Armen Recalls Bleacher Creatures Experience / Plays 'Roll Call'

I had my first experience with the Bleacher Creatures on Saturday. Led by a man they call 'Bald Vinny', the Creatures lead roll call after the first pitch and make sure that they start their team off on the right foot.

"It's about encouraging people to make noise. We just like to kick it off the right way," said Bald Vinny.

"I always like to say that most fans cheer when stuff happens, Yankee fans cheer to make stuff happen."

It was a good time out in right field and for the record, it's pretty cool how the Yankees players recognize the passionate fans in the bleachers during a game. It's a tradition like none other as I look forward to hanging with the Bald Vinny and the gang again in the future.

Audio: Armen interviews Bald Vinny

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